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Desiring isolation, an artist built his new home on a towering skyscraper where he could escape from civilization. On top of his home sat his private museum of art, art never to be seen by the public eye till his tragic death. Found next to his decaying body, the artists will stated that his museum be turned into a 1 on 1 arena for the tournament, his only enjoyment in life next to art. No longer the tallest nor grandest skyscraper, it has come to be known as the Tower of Desolation.
UT2004 map description
Full title Desolation
Author(s) Rogelio Olguin
Players 1-3
Music KR-Atlantis
Game UT2004
Gametype Deathmatch

Map Description

Weapons & Pickups



Tips & tricks

  • The only way to get some armor in this map is through the Booster/Regeneration adrenaline combo, (if adrenaline is allowed) and that's only if you manage to get a lot of health prior to the combo activation. The low amount of adrenaline in this map doesn't help much.
  • The intrincacy of the map and the small size of it's passages don't leave much space for trickjumps, though you can get cover from fire in the main areas.
  • Since this map lacks armor, timing the UDamage might help you a lot.

Single-Player tips

  • With such small map, expect to be attacked everywhere and even by several bots.
  • Timing the UDamage, and negating it to the bots helps a lot. Of course, you need to take advantage of the UDamage before it worns out, which means: "FRAG! FRAG! FRAG!"
  • Before playing, take a moment to spectate the empty map and plan where you go when you spawn. It could be of help to play several Instant Action matches alone or with few bots before playing this one in the Ladder.
  • Since the bots will be attacking you from everywhere, you should take a lot of care about your health, especially for the lack of armor in this map. Try not to get hit.
  • Add to it the aforementioned natural dangers of the level, and you get the most challenging match of the entire SP, and possibly of the entire franchise.

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