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The remnant of an old refinery now serves as a location for your duels. Use its intricate layout to your advantage and don't lose track of your enemy.
UT2004 map description
Full title Roughinery
Author(s) Alexander Lehmann
Players 2
Music KR-Roughinery
Game UT2004
Gametype Deathmatch

Map Description

This map is a manifestation of Z-axis gameplay. Together with its complex system of narrow walkways you might as well call this map a 3-dimensional maze. Nonetheless this map and its framerate-optimized "Fixed Edition" are very popular for competitive UT2004 1on1 matches.

Weapons & Pickups


Roughinery weapon and power-up locations.
Weapon Count Ammo Ammo Location
Bio Rifle 1 2 2 next to the weapon pickup
Shock Rifle 1 3 2 near the pickup. 1 on a high ledge above the Flak Cannon
Link Gun 1 2 Both next to the weapon pickup
Minigun 1 2 On a ledge, slightly northwest of the weapon pickup.
Flak Cannon 1 2 2 next to the weapon pickup. 1 on a ledge near Shock Rifle
Rocket Launcher 1 3 2 near/below weapon pickup. 1 above Flak Cannon on ledge.
Lightning Gun 1 2 1 on ledge above Flak Cannon. 1 on ledge near Shock Rifle


Pickup Count Location
Health Vial 13 6 in SW-corridor. 3 in Main room. 5 near eastern Flak Cannon
Health Pack 6 2 near elevators, 2 in between Shock and Flak pickups, north
Shield Pack 1 On a walkway on the top floor.
Super Shield Pack 1 In a tunnel, in the middle of the map
Double Damage 1 On the top level, north-west in the map.
Adrenaline 5 On one of the paths leading to the Double Damage, top floor.

Tips & Tricks

  • This map makes heavy use of trickjumping.
  • Use a lift jump to reach the Health Vials above the Minigun.
  • You can also use the same elevator to lift jump up to the walkway that's got some adrenaline pills and the UDamage.
  • Dodge-jump the different ramps to get a quick access to many parts of the map.
  • Use a weapon jump to get out of the Super Shield trap. You have three places to escape: two near the Super Shield itself and a third one at the deadend with two options for a quick escape.

Single-Player Tips

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