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Discipline is my sword,
faith is my shield.
Do not leap blindly into uncertainty, and you may live to reap the rewards.

-- Overseer Grimal
map description
Full title Compressed
Author(s) Scott McGregor
Players 2-6
Music level3
Games UT2003, UC, UT2004.
Gametype Deathmatch

Map Description

Weapons & Pickups


Compressed's weapon and power-up locations.
Weapon Count Ammo Ammo Location
Assault Rifle 0 6 1 on ground-, middle & top-floor of each hall
Bio Rifle 1 2 Next to the weapon pickup
Shock Rifle 1 2 On the top floor
Link Gun 1 2 Next to the weapon pickup
Minigun 1 2 Next to the weapon pickup
Flak Cannon 1 2 Next to the weapon pickup
Rocket Launcher 1 6 On the top floor
Lightning Gun 1 2 On the ground, eastern hall


Pickup Count Location
Health Vial 12 6 on the ground-floor of each hall
Health Pack 10 On middle floor of each hall
Shield Pack 1 Center of the map, ground-floor
Super Shield Pack 1 On suspended platform, western hall
Double Damage 1 Center of map, top corridor
Adrenaline 13 View map

Tips & Tricks

  • Use a lift-jump to reach the top corridor in the middle of the map.


Beta/UC version levelshot.
UC (Beta version) levelshot.
  • The lightning/shield platforms are absent in the Championship/UT2003 beta version. It's replaced, instead, by a big tank.
  • The beta version of the map, found in the Championship beta, can be described as a mix between DM-DE-Ironic's general feeling, and the console version of this map, because of the tanks.