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Beneath the ice packs of the Thracian Sea, Oceanic Power Station works ceaselessly to provide the nearby coastline with a virtually endless supply of fusion energy. But for those who do battle in the corridors below the ice, only victory staves off the chill touch of defeat.
map description
Full title Oceanic
Author(s) Bastiaan 'Checker' Frank
Players 2-4
Music level13
Games UT2003, UC, UT2004.
Gametype Deathmatch

Map Description

Weapons & Pickups

Oceanic's weapon and power-up locations.


Weapon Count Ammo Ammo Location
Assault Rifle 0 2 1 in central hall. 1 in hallway south of central hall.
Bio Rifle 1 3 1 near pickup. 1 on high catwalk. 1 in southern hall.
Shock Rifle 1 2 1 on high catwalk. 1 next to western Health Pack
Link Gun 1 2 Near the weapon pickup
Minigun 1 3 2 next to the weapon pickup, 1 in central hall
Flak Cannon 1 3 2 next to the weapon pickup, 1 in central hall
Rocket Launcher 1 2 1 next to pickup. 1 in corridor between central & southern hall


Pickup Count Location
Health Pack 3 2 on the high catwalk. 1 in central hall

Tips & Tricks

  • Lift-jump in the southern hall to get onto the catwalk.


Beta levelshot of DM-Oceanic (as DM-PowerStation).
  • One of the original names of the map, and the one it appears in Unreal Championship, is DM-Vidona. The very first original name of the map is DM-Powerstation.
Deep below the ice that covers Alleria's seas beats the heart of the civilization that dwells on the planet's surface. Fusion power stations dot the underwater landscape, providing energy critical to the numerous mining facilities and prison holdings above. Reactors capable of powering small cities elsewhere barely meet the needs of the ravenous mining complexes, as massive quantities of heat energy are lost to the bitter cold of the Allerian nights.

The Argosian Sea is host to one of the oldest of these power plants, embracing the aging structure in its cold, murky depths. The Viddona power station is a holdover from the pre-imperial days, providing considerably less power than its modern equivalents, yet it still provides the arenas with the energy needed to sustain the teleportation grid and holograph emitters.

The processes that take place within the station's automated systems are relatively basic and require little or no human intervention. Water is pumped into the mineral extraction chambers where it is purified before entering the electrolysis chambers and broken down into its base hydrogen and oxygen components. The minerals are used in local manufacturing and solid fuel cells, while the hydrogen is stored for use in the reactor core. Excess heat from the reactor core is shed into the surrounding water, attracting local fauna and the predators that feed on them.

Once Viddona was chosen as a site for League contests, measures were taken to protect any systems that could be adversely affected by weapons fire or the introduction of organic tissue via explosive concussion.

Blastshield-grade duraplast covers all computer stations, while depleted uranium sleeves have been placed around any pipes or supports that have questionable physical integrity. The system is not foolproof, but the element of added risk has been found to add excitement to the games.

Since the Redeemer has been removed from the Tournaments, the chances of an accidental core breach have been greatly reduced. The weapon's value in the arena was questioned when it was discovered that the EMP fields released by detonation caused accelerated neuron decay when activated near combat deployment systems, leading to an increase in the number of advanced TReDs incidents.

The designated combat area consists of a two-tiered corridor system in the central water processing facility. Combatants can expect to spend the majority of the contest in close quarters combat, though the architecture certainly lends itself to firefights across the length of the arena. Veterans will familiarize themselves with the weapons at their disposal before entering combat. Knowing the right weapon for the situation will almost certainly extend the contestant's life span.

Author's Notes

It's a small DM map, with big windows looking out over the ocean floor. I tried to get a sense of a different location and bring some life to the place by having fish and sharks swim around. The layout was a bit too cramped in the end and I hadn't thought the double jump / wall dodge would become so prevalent. So especially on PC this map feels very claustrophobic.

I was responsible for most of the layout / meshing / lighting and bug fixing.[1]


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