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The desert is an unforgiving place, and you would do well to remember that as you strive to control both Domination points against an unrelenting foe. Keep your eye on the enemy at all times, as they will undoubtedly do the same.
Unreal Championship map description
Screenshot of Deserted
Full title Deserted
Author(s) Bastiaan 'Checker' Frank
Players 8-12
Music Level7
Game Unreal Championship
Gametype Double Domination

Map Description

Weapons & Pickups



Tips & tricks


Author's Notes

BR-Adrift and DOM-Deserted were both made as split screen maps, they are very bare in decorations to improve framerate in 4 player splitscreen. Later on we found we could support splitscreen in all maps. Both these maps had the same idea, one set in the desert and the other on an icy plateau. I wanted to break away the barriers always enclosing maps. No water or cliffs. This allowed for a more open and a less confined feeling while running outside.

I was responsible for most of the layout / meshing / lighting and bug fixing. I had a lot of help getting the skybox in Adrift just right from Matt Tremblay and Mike Leatham.[1]