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The stench of brimstone fills the air, as sulphurous clouds move overhead and lava bubbles menacingly below. The thick layer of rust on the remaining structures provides dubious protection for the metal ravaged by the many corrosive agents that poison the atmosphere. The environment is as lethal as the competition, making for one unforgiving battleground.
map description
Screenshot of Scorched Earth
Full title Scorched Earth
Author(s) Bastiaan (Checker) Frank
Players 4-8
Music KR-ChemicalBurn
Games UT2003, Unreal Championship, UT2004
Gametype Double Domination

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  • DOM-ScorchedEarth is one of three maps (the others are ONS-Tricky and CTF-Geothermal) with typographical errors in their audio properties that cause them to not have associated music. In ScorchedEarth's case this is because the mapper typed 'KR-ChemicalBurn ' (note the extra space) into the map's audio properties, instead of the correct 'KR-Chemical-Burn'. To enable music for this map, name an ogg music file KR-ChemicalBurn .ogg (again, note the extra space) and place it in your UT2004 music folder.
  • Originally, and judging by what was seen in some betas, the map would have lacked the "Infernal" theme it got in the retail releases.