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Hi there!

I'm that silly guy who annoyed you with crap like Anti TCC. ;)

More constructive work of mine includes the "Who Pushed Me?" mutator for UT and UT2003, the Multi Dodging mutator for UT2003 and UT2004, Mercury InstaGib for UT2003 and the Llama Hunt and Celebration add-ons for Jailbreak 200x.

This Unit's Description

If you ever find me in UT3 these days, it'll be likely on a DM or VCTF server running DM-HeatRay, DM-ShangriLa, VCTF-Suspense or VCTF-Sandstorm. If you think you saw me in a CTF or Duel server, that was most likely an impostor.

I am more likely to play Worms World Party off-line or mess around in UnrealScript and Java code to improve the BU-hosted Unreal-related wikis.