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Gen Mo'Kai

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Damarus, one of the Gen Mo'Kai
For the species in Unreal II, see Kai.
Faster and more agile than their human counterparts, the lithe Gen Mo'kai lack the vitality of robust opponents like the Juggernauts. They more than compensate for this handicap with their ability to distance themselves from the enemy with great haste.

The Gen Mo'Kai are humanoid aliens from the planet Arborea. They are reptillian or amphibian in appearance, and fight in Unreal Championship, UT2003, and UT2004. (They are sometimes referred to as "Mokara", probably their name from when the games weren't done.) They have very little background story and don't seem to have taken a part in any of the big events of the Unreal universe.

The Gen Mo'Kai are a tribal species who often wear bone armor and masks. They have long tails and tentacles resembling dreads on their back of their heads. Their blood is colored green. The females have webbed structures on their limbs. Though this was only introduced in UT2004, Gen Mo'Kai do a scissor kick instead of a frog kick like most while swimming. In Unreal Championship compared to other teams, Gen Mo'Kai are relatively fast, but have less health. These statistics were to be added to Unreal Tournament 2004 as well, but the Species Statistics mutator, that should have been responsible for setting them, was never officially finished.

The Gen Mo'Kai's elite fighting unit Fire Storm sends a team of their best soldiers to the Tournament each year. They aren't sponsored by any of the big corporations.

The Gen Mo'Kai's home planet is the forest/jungle planet Arborea, which features maps like DOM-Renascent, DOM-SepukkuGorge, and the low gravity DM-TokaraForest. Structures there are built using natural materials such as stone and large pieces of bone. Some structures feature glyphs that glow in an aquamarine color, and some maps feature "goop collectors", large containers filled with similarly colored liquid that allow anyone who lands in them to levitate for a short while.


Radioactive Clown created a Damarus action figure.