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Ah, nature. The earthy browns and lush greens of the jungle. The quiet hum of animal and insect life going about its business. The piercing battle cry of a gene boosted harpy bounding across the forest floor in her power armor.

It's times like this that I miss the city.
map description
Screenshot of Sepukku Gorge
Full title Sepukku Gorge
Author(s) Juan Pancho 'XceptOne' Eekels
Players 8-16
Music Level6
Games UT2003, UC, UT2004.
Gametype Double Domination

Map Description

Weapons & Pickups


Weapon Count Ammo Ammo Location
Assault Rifle - 1
BioRifle 1 4
Shock Rifle 2 5
Link Gun 2 4
Minigun 1 2
Flak Cannon 2 6
Rocket Launcher 2 7
Lightning Gun 2 1
Ion Painter 1 2(*)

(*) Ion Satellites, only available in 2003 or with the UT2003 Ion Cannon mutator in 2004.


Pickup Count Location
Health Vial 4
Health Pack 23
Shield 1
Super Shield 1
Adrenaline 8

Tips & Tricks

Single-Player tips

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Beta levelshot of DOM-SeppukuGorge.
  • This map was present in the UC Betas, making it one of the oldest maps in the games.

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