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The ISV-Kran is a spaceship, seen for the first time in Unreal.


The ISV-Kran is a spaceship that crashed on Na Pali which Prisoner 849 comes across in Unreal. This ship belongs to the Inuit Corporation, unlike the other spaceships of the game, which all belong to the UMS. The ISV-Kran's final destination is still unknown, although it is known that it came from Russia, since most of its crew had Russian family names. It is common that this ship houses ASMDs and ASMD Cores, and ASMDs are found mostly on the ship.

Unreal Tournament

The only reference to the ISV-Kran in Unreal Tournament is the Dark Phalanx team member Luthienne, who survived the ship's crash along with three of her friends before being rescued three years after the incident. It is said that she now fights in the tournament to forget the horrible past she has.