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Na Pali

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Na Pali
Planet ID: Gryphon #4-A, Na Pali
Planet Type: Widely Varies
Average Temperature: Unknown
Population: Unknown amount of Nali, Skaarj and Humans
Main Export: Tarydium
Main Import: Weapons and powerups

Na Pali is the fourth planet of the twin-star Gryphon system. It is rich with Tarydium and home of the Nali.

Na Pali is inhabited by a sentient primitive race, the Nali, and by several other non-sentient species. The planet has been seized by the Skaarj, a race of fierce reptilian warriors who have enslaved the Nali and put them to work in their mines and factories. Humans have been exploring the planet, mostly because of the great number of crashed ships on the surface. Tarydium on the planet disables long-range scanners, therefore forcing humans to land on the surface.

Na Pali is also the planet where the UMS Vortex Rikers crashed. The only survivor of the crash, prisoner UMS-849, had to fight in the hostile environment to escape from the planet.

Liandri Grand Tournament

In 2303, the time of UT2004, Na Pali is visited by Liandri Grand Tournament competitors. Deathmatches are fought in the Rrajigar mines also visited by Prisoner 849 (DM-Rrajigar, Depths of Rrajigar), and a large scale Onslaught match is fought throughout Nali ruins (ONS-Dria). One Onslaught map from the Community Bonus Pack 2 is also taking place on Na Pali (ONS-CBP2-Valarna).

Set among the crumbling ruins of the last Nali fortress, these icefields were the final stand of the Nali against the Skaarj. Driving their Stone Giants before them, the Skaarj lay siege to the city for three weeks, at last breaking down the perimeter wall and wiping out all within for their effrontery. Now an arena of Onslaught, the vast range of this location will test the teamwork and focus of the very best.
Two factions, crashed in the mountains of Na Pali like many before. The few Nali here quickly abandoned the Valarna plains before the grasslands would turn into a battle field.


In this gallery you can see the typical views of Na Pali. The top row shows the Na Pali as seen in Unreal, and the middle one - in UT2004.