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Race Human
Rank/Position: Unknown
Corporate Affiliation: TCA

Years ago, Isaak and Aida served on a Terran Capital ship together. He was the launch officer. During a fight with the Skaarj, the ship took a series of hits. He was wounded, got trapped in his compartment, and he panicked.

A fighter crew was getting ready to launch. He opened the airlock too soon and they were sucked into space. After that, he just curled up on the floor. They had to break in to launch the other fighters. Aida calls it dereliction of duty. They beat off the Skaarj, but her friends were dead and Isaak never recovered.

He got a medical discharge and dived right into a bottle. Now he's back trying to prove himself, and he doesn't know if he has what it takes.
[[Unreal 2|John Dalton]]