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Malcolm, a famous human

Humans are a species that originated on Earth and play a central role in the Unreal games.

Human presence in the universe is mostly known through the NEG, Earth's government, and the corporations started by Earth's people:

An large reason for the humans' importance is the fact that the Liandri Grand Tournament was invented by humans. Most corporations featured in the Unreal games were started by humans. Most weaponry and vehicles found in the Tournaments are of human design.

It was a human who killed the Skaarj Queen, alerting the Skaarj of their existence. This began the Human-Skaarj War which forced the organization of the NEG in order to present a unified front to their attack. The war ended in 2216, although it can be argued that it is still going on through the Tournaments as late as Unreal Championship 2.

Humans were also involved in an incident involving Artifacts of ancient power in 2251, again attracting Skaarj attention. Disaster was averted because the Artifacts were destroyed.


Humans still live on Earth, but have also colonized many other planets and moons. A notable example are the Nakhti people, whose culture diverged from other humans a long time ago. The Nakhti emperor lives on the Nakhti homeworld, but the Nakhti have colonized a number of other planets on their own.

A great number of uncolonized planets other than Earth is also used in the Tournaments.


The human race produced a number of offshoots, mostly due to technological advancements, such as gene-boosting and cybernetic prosthetics. Almost every Tournament competitor is enhanced in one way or another, the Juggernauts being a good example. More extreme examples are the Nightmare and Skaarj Hybrids, having little humanity in them left.

Not much is known about the Necris, other than the fact that they are dead humans who have been resurrected by the Phayder Corporation using Nanoblack, a black liquid filled with nanobots. Necris are white-skinned with many black, angular tattoos, and may or may not remember their former, human lifes.

Humans are also responsible for creating large numbers of robots and Cybernetics, including the infamous Xan Kriegor, more or less in their own image.

The 523rd Nakhti Ascension Rites were visited by Raiden, who came looking for competitors to fight for Earthrealm in the Mortal Kombat tournament. Raiden appears human but is actually a Thunder God from another realm.