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Real Name Unknown
Race Cybernetic
Born: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Corporate Affiliation: Liandri
Team: The Corrupt
Weapon Preference: Unknown

Bio: Quantum reaction times, an alloyed grid support frame, and S-PLG targeting software make the Nova model a fearsome opponent.

Nova: One of the two new characters introduced in the Xbox 360 version of UT3, Nova brings a middle-ground to the Liandri bot chassis options, looking more substantial than the almost skeletal Cathode look, but more toned and combat-ready than the overweight look of the Aspect design. His new head design brings a more fierce, and somewhat skull-like look and a narrow, pointed, almost Xan-like visor.

Nova was added to the PC version's roster as of Patch 2.0, and will come to the PS3 once the patch is released for that platform.