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The road ends here. Only the jutting spires of age old mesas guard you from the elements... and in this case the elements are tank shells.
UT2004 map description
Screenshot of Aridoom
Full title Aridoom
Author(s) Sidney 'Clawfist' Rauchberger
Players 8-12
Music -
Game UT2004
Gametype Onslaught

Map Description

Aridoom takes us to a small barren desert. The architecture is steampunk-inspired, with lots of bare steel and concrete with a bit of a desolated look. Large rock-formations shape the terrain and the routes across the sandy map. A large defunct road splits the map into 2 sections and, along with the large construction, serves as the map's main landmark.

The node layout is rather simple, with only 3 nodes in a single line between the 2 powercores. Furthermore, Aridoom has only a few valuable pickups and no flying vehicles (even though the map does have flyingpathnodes: Actors used to make bots fly vehicles along certain paths).

ONS-Aridoom originally comes from the Windows XP Bonus Map Pack, although it is not limited to that operating system.

Pickups & Vehicles

Item and Vehicle map


Pickup Location
Redeemer In the center of the map, on a beam above the center node (2)
Shield Pack At the north and south powernodes and both powercores
Double Damage Inside the bases, near the teleporter nodes


Vehicle Location
Manta There's one Manta in each base and one at both the north and south nodes (1 and 3)
Scorpion One in each base and at the north and south nodes (1 and 3). 3 at the center node (2)
Hellbender The Hellbender spawns inside each base
Goliath There is one Goliath at every powernode and one inside each of the bases.
Paladin With the Bonus Vehicles mutator, the Paladin replaces the Goliath at north and south nodes
SPMA With the Bonus Vehicles mutator, the SPMA replaces the Goliath at the center node
Energy Turret There are two turrets at every powernode and 4 turrets at each of the bases.

Node Layouts

Tips & tricks




Author's Notes

Small and fast paced Onslaught map, features 3 nodes, a dead on desert setting and intense bunker-battles.[1]