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Turrets are immobile weapons platforms that can be controlled by players or autonomously fire at opponents. Some can be entered like vehicles, but are much more limited in their movement.

Unreal Tournament

UT features two types of automatic turrets in some maps. They cannot be destroyed by players, nor blown up with weapon fire. They do shut down for some time after taking more than 220 points of damage, though.

The map AS-Overlord features a mortar. That's basically just a fixed-direction projectile spawner, not a "real" turret, though.

The Game of the Year (GOTY) edition of UT also comes with the mod Chaos UT, which features a deployable automatic turret firing rockets and shock balls. Ammunition can be reloaded with normal weapon ammo with the turret considering it's last loader friendly (meaning if it runs out of ammo and a savvy opponent reloads it before it disappears, the turret will turn to his/her side).


XMP features the following turrets, all with 600 health. Turrets aren't entered, but controlled from computer screens in its vicinity. Like vehicles, turrets are extra sensitive to EMP damage. One of the turrets can move on a rail, a feature that returns for UT3's turrets. All of the turrets must be manned and take energy from the team's reserves. (The turrets aren't officially named in the actual game, but appear like that in the code.)

  • Roundhouse Turret - Fires bullets that have red glow. Classified as "Heavy Machinegun Turret".
  • Turret Post or Carnival Turret - Fires red plasma. Classified as "Heavy Machinegun Turret".
  • Winged Turret/Cannon - Fires bullets shotgun style. Classified as "Winged Cannon".
  • Garden Turret - Fires green, very fast bullets. Classified as "SwingArm Gatling Turret".
  • Turret/Mortar Giant - Fires mortar shells. Classified as "Mortar".
  • Lowlands Giant Cannon/Mortar - Fires electrical discharge with a delay, somewhat similar to the Ion Cannon of UT2004. Classified as "Mortar".

Unreal 2 and XMP also feature deployable "Auto Turrets" and "Rocket Turrets" that function independently of the players.

Unreal Tournament 2004

UT2004 features a number of different turrets; all of them, except for the Ion Cannon, can be healed with the Link Gun. The following list shows the default health for each turrets. (Different maps may feature turrets with more/less hitpoints if so programmed.)

Default Onslaught maps feature only Energy Turrets, whereas Assault maps feature the other types. All of the Assault turrets can zoom in/out by using the forward/backward keys (W and S by default).

When a player is in an Onslaught Energy Turret, it appears as headless or, more accurately, having a special helmet on.

Onslaught Energy Turret 
Primary fires team coloured hitscan beams, secondary zooms in. Used in Onslaught.
Health: 450
Damage: 30
Fire rate: 3.33/s
Minigun Turret 
Very noisy and polluting, the Minigun Turret is no longer in production but still widely used and maintained. The high-power turbine gives the turret a high RPM rate and great range. The turret’s weakest points are its very low accuracy and effectiveness at close range.
UT2004 manual
Primary fires Minigun bullets, secondary zooms in.
Health: 1500 or 500
Damage: 20-25
Fire rate: 6.67/s
Link Turret 
Built by the same company, the Link Turret is just like its little brother, the Link Gun. Primary fire features plasma projectiles and Alt-Fire a beam. Beams can be linked to other turrets to increase their firepower, or heal teammates. The Turret also features basic autopilot and energy shield.
UT2004 manual
Works similar to the Link Gun. Controlled directly or remotely via computer panel. Has basic AI when unmanned. The description suggests they're made by Riordan Dynamic Weapon Systems, and it's seen in AS-Mothership, AS-RobotFactory and AS-BP2-Acatana.
Health: 750 or 400
Damage: 75
Radius: 300
Mothership Turret 
Main stationary defenses on the outside of the Skaarj Mothership. It’s (sic) primary fire features two high-velocity plasma projectiles, and a high-energy shield alt-fire.
UT2004 manual
Primary fires team-coloured plasma bolts similar to those of the Raptor; secondary is a shield similar to that of the Shield Gun. Controlled the same as Link Turret. It has a radar displaying enemies' location, identical to that used on the Space Fighters. Only used in AS-Mothership and custom maps.
Health: 650
Damage: 45
Fire rate: 4/s

Ion Cannon 
An exact replica of the Ion Cannons used during the Skaarj War battles. During the 10 days siege (sic), Ion Cannons were placed in the heart of major cities as a last hope to slow the Skaarj progress. While providing huge firepower, Ion Cannons also caused many human casualties with their large blast radius.
UT2004 manual
Works similar to the Ion Plasma Tank's turret. Only used in AS-RobotFactory and custom maps, although the description implies it was also used against the Skaarj. Code shows that a minigun-like secondary fire was considered, but ultimately not implemented.
Health: 3000 (2000 by default)
Damage: 150 at the centre of the blast
Fire rate: 4 seconds per shot

Ceiling Sentinel and Floor Sentinel 
Usually protects the teams' spawn points. Shoots high-speed lasers. AI-controlled. Can be floor- or ceiling- mounted. Used in AS-Mothership as a destroyable objective. Has a lot of health, and even after being destroyed it will respawn quickly (exception made of the three sentinel objectives in AS-Mothership).
Health: A ludicrous amount (1000 by default and in AS-Mothership)
Damage: 20
Fire rate: 4/s

Unreal Tournament 3

Turrets in Unreal Tournament 3 have a default health of 400 and are usually mounted on rails to provide limited movement. All turrets have a zoom function as their secondary fire mode.

Energy Turret 
Fires blue energy beams similar to the Onslaught turrets in UT2004.
Damage: 34
Fire rate: 5/s
Rocket Turret 
Fires 4 rockets in quick succession, which are similar to those of the Rocket Launcher without target lock, just a lot faster.
Damage: 80 per rocket
Damage radius: 180UU
Fire rate: 1 burst in 1.8s
Shock Turret 
Fires shock balls, similar to the Shock Rifle's secondary fire mode, but they travel a little faster than Shock Rifle balls and always blow up combo-style.
Damage: 120
Damage radius: 275UU
Fire rate: 2.2/s
Stinger Turret 
Fires stinger shards, similar to the Stinger Minigun's secondary firing mode, but they travel a lot faster.
Damage: 30
Fire rate: 11/s