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In 2352, an anomalous volcanic eruption on the outskirts of Jerusalem partially unearthed a city far below the lost city of Ekron. Four years of intensive excavation revealed a civilization that predated all known human history. Purchased by Liandri corporation for the price of excavation, the souls of arena combatants now join the forgotten dead of the unremembered past.
UT2004 map description
Screenshot of Crossfire
Full title Crossfire
Author(s) Robert 'Nathillien' Horvat
Players 10-18
Music KR-MenuMusic-v2
Game UT2004
Gametype Onslaught

Map Description

Pickups & Vehicles


Item and Vehicle map
Pickup Location
Target Painter The Target Painter is in between the nodes 3 and 7, in front of a temple
Ion Painter Behind a statue on the left side of the Target Painter's temple
Redeemer On a ledge in front of a temple in between the nodes 6 and 9
Keg o' Health One on a walkway near node 9, on on a platform between node 3 and 4
Shield Pack There's a Shield Pack near the nodes 3, 7 and 9
Super Shield One Supershield is in between the nodes 5, 7 and 8 and one in between 6 and 8
Double Damage There's one Double Damage in between a few rocks near node 8


Vehicle Location
Manta There Manta spawns at every powernode and core, except nodes 3 and 9
Scorpion One at every node/core, except nodes 6 and 7 (and 8 with the Bonus Vehicles mut.)
Hellbender There's a Hellbender at every node/core, apart from the nodes 6, 7 and 8
Goliath The Goliath spawns at the nodes 6 and 7 (and 8 with the Bonus Vehicles mutator)
Raptor There's a Raptor at the nodes 6, 7 and 8
Paladin With the Bonus Vehicles mutator, it replaces the Hellbender at the powercores
SPMA With the BV mutator, the SPMA replaces the Scorpion at the nodes 3 and 9
Cicada With the BV mutator, the Cicada replaces the Manta at the powercores
Energy Turret There are only 4 turrets in total: 2 at each powercore

Node Layouts