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Nestled away in the darkness of the Primeval Forest, this Onslaught arena is a favorite of loggers and treehuggers alike.
UT2004 map description
Screenshot of Primeval
Full title Primeval
Author(s) Alan Willard
Players 6-10
Music KR-Atlantis
Game UT2004
Gametype Onslaught

Map Description

Pickups & Vehicles

Item and Vehicle map


Pickup Location
Health Pack There are 4 Health Packs in total: 2 on both sides of powernode #3


Vehicle Location
Manta The Manta spawns at nodes 1 & 2
Scorpion There's a Scorpion at both bases, and at the nodes 1 & 2
Hellbender The Hellbender spawns at the bases only.
Goliath The Goliath can only be found at powernode #3
Paladin With Bonus Vehicles, the Paladin replaces the Goliath at powernode #3.
Energy Turret There are only 2 turrets: 1 at each base.

Node Layouts