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Pickup Items

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This is a list of pickup items in Unreal. Some of them can be found in Unreal Tournament as well.

  • Bandages
    These provide limited healing (+5 units of health), but do little to reverse the effects of major damage. The bandages don't add health when you have 100 or more health, but some unofficial maps use bandages that can add extra health, making this item more useful. In Unreal Tournament, this item is changed into a Health Vial.
  • Nali Healing Fruit
    This native plant has natural healing properties. When eaten, it can give you a 30-unit health boost. In multiplayer games, Nali Healting Fruits re-grow soon after they are picked. You can create these by dropping Seeds. Plants heal you lesser when they are growning. It works in Unreal Tournament as well.
  • Health
    Medium-sized Health boxes that heal you for 20 points. In Unreal Tournament, it is bigger and looks like a box, but has the same effect.
  • Superhealth
    Boosts your health by 100 units. Don't waste Superhealth by using it when you are close to full health (200 units). Wait until you need a big health boost before you pick it up. (Note: you can not exceed 100 health without one of these.) In Unreal Tournament, this item is changed into a Big Keg o' Health, which is basically the same, only looks different.
  • Assault Vest
    Assault Vest
    You will find many different types of armor throughout the game, all of which increase your resistance to damage from weapons and impact. Certain types of armor provide better protection from certain forms of attack. The more damage your armor absorbs, the weaker it becomes. Keep an eye on your Armor level indicator to see how much strength your armor has left. Once your armor level reaches zero, the armor no longer offers you any protection. The Assault Vest provides for you incredible defense, but its durability is very low. In Unreal Tournament it is called Body Armor and gives 100 points of defence.
  • Asbestos Suit
    Asbestos Suit
    Provides resistance to Burned (like Lava and Gasbag's belches) and Frozen (Nitrogen pools) damage. They have a durability of 50 points and provide some defence, but it is weak and quickly wears off. In Unreal Tournament it can be added to unofficial maps.
  • Kevlar Suit
    Kevlar Suit
    Works in conjunction with the Assault Vest to provide even greater protection from damage. Unlike the Assault Vest, the Kevlar Suit is more durable but it provides less protection. In Unreal Tournament it is changed to Thigh Pads and gives 50 defence points.
  • Toxin Suit
    Toxin Suit
    Prevents damage from Tarydium waste pools, and other toxic areas. You're also immune to BioRifle shots and Slith's acidic saliva. Like all protective suits, it increases your overall resistance to any sort of damage to some degree and become weaker as they absorb damage. Has a durability of 50 points. It is very similar to the Asbestos Suit, but it protects from toxic hazard. In Unreal Tournament it can be added to unofficial maps.