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The Razik is a Skaarj weapon that consists of a set of wrist-mounted blades and an energy blaster. It is always dual-wielded by the Skaarj. The Razik remained unnamed until Unreal Championship 2.

Unreal and Return to Na Pali

In Unreal and Return to Na Pali only some of the Skaarj Warrior caste have Razik. These Razik are retractable when not in use, and look like they might be bone claws and part of Skaarj physiology. The Skaarj use the Razik in a quick jabbing attack, or a more powerful spinning attack. When at a distance of their enemies, the Skaarj will either lunge with their Razik extended, or fire a set of energy bolts.

The Skaarj Trooper caste carries the same weapons as the player does, and use those instead of firing energy bolts. They simply use their fists in melee attacks.

Unreal 2

The Razik of Unreal 2

In Unreal 2 each Skaarj class has Razik that fire projectiles that vary in size and color, depending on the class. Heavy Skaarj can also fire two different types of projectiles - a fast stream of small ones or one big which tracks players.

Like in Unreal and Return to Na Pali, the Razik is not equippable by players. But it seems that originally it was thought to be useable by players - the weapon was codenamed SkaarjGlove and was never finished. The sounds of the SkaarjGlove are included in the U2Weapon sound package of the official Unreal 2 release, together with the SkaarjGlove mesh.

Unreal Tournament

In Unreal Tournament two teams (Red Claw and Iron Skull) of experimental hybrid lifeform with both Skaarj and Human DNA, called Skaarj Hybrids are entered as contestants by the NEG. These hybrids are not equipped with Razik.

Unreal Tournament 2004

In Unreal Tournament 2004 the Skaarj are equipped with Razik that are clearly artificial in nature. They are a set of jagged, metal blades set into a piece of armour worn like a bracelet. These Skaarj don't use the blades, nor fire energy bolts.

Unreal Championship 2

The dreaded Skaarj blades are dangerous at range, too. Razik can fire poisonous projectiles which can slow opponents.

In Unreal Championship 2 the Skaarj's Razik function as either a melee weapon or a projectile weapon depending on how they are equipped. The Razik are artificial in nature.

As a melee weapon the blades can be used to hack at opponents, causing considerable damage, especially when powered up. When the Razik are equipped as a melee weapon they can be used to erect a shield, similar to that the Skaarj use in Unreal, and comparable to that of the Shield Gun.

The Razik also qualify as the "pistols" every competitor is entitled too. If used like this, the Razik will glow green with energy. The regular mode functions similar to the Razik in Unreal, launching dual energy bolts. The alternate mode fires a laser-charged poison projectile that poisons and slows down opponents.