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Skaarj Hybrid

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The New Earth Government has long recognized the superiority of the Skaarj warrior as a military fighting machine, as was made clear in the brutal Human-Skaarj wars. The Skaarj Hybrid is the result of secret military genetic research, using both human and Skaarj DNA performed after the capture of a Skaarj scout ship. If proven in Tournament battle, the Hybrids shall become a leading force in ground based ops.
Dominator, a Skaarj Hybrid

The Skaarj Hybrid is a hybrid lifeform with both Skaarj and Human DNA, closer resembling their Skaarj ancestors. Two teams of hybrids, Red Claw and Iron Skull were entered into the Liandri Grand Tournament in 2341, during the time of Unreal Tournament. Level 9 security clearance is required to access information on any member. Iron Skull hybrids resemble Skaarj less, which suggests their design strayed further from the Skaarj genetic code than that of Red Claw hybrids.

Descriptions of members of UT2004's Black Fist Clan, a team of regular Skaarj augmented with cybernetic armor, mention they were injured in a fight with the Iron Skull Clan, their sworn enemies.