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Alt-Fire Mode vs UT Assault Objectives

The weapon's alternate fire will function in exactly the same way, except in the case of Unreal Tournament's Assault gametype, where only the alternative fire can destroy objectives.

Can someone confirm this part, please? From the source code it looks like the Enhanced Shock Rifle's alt fire applies damage in exactly the same way as the primary fire. --Wormbo 13:36, 17 February 2008 (EST)

I just started a quick offline AS-Rook to test, and with the regular Instagib mutator (not sure if there were alternatives for the original UT) both regular and alternate fire work exactly the same way.
Throughout the series there have been Instagib variants. I'm not even talking about the gun model (Enhanced Shock or Enhanced Sniper), just the way it works. IIRC, originally (UT) the beam went straight through any number of enemies. In UT2003 (I think) the regular mutator had the beam stop when it hit an enemy. A second mutator called "Enhanced Instagib" or something like that, changed it back to the original way, and also introduced a zoom as the alternate fire. Maybe that's what the author intended to say, that obviously zooming in on an object won't destroy it?
I think I was the one who wrote the bit about the different IG Rifle incarnations in the article below the part we just discussed, as it's just as vague in there as it is in my memory. :) Someone should do some in-depth research and clear this up sometime.
Oh, and the article calls "alternate fire": "alternative" fire, which is wrong too. :) Retodon8 16:59, 17 February 2008 (EST)