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Single Player vs Multi Player

As brought up with regards to Marine Match, this should probably be revised to be all gametypes instead of just multi. The only single player gametypes I can thing of though, would be Marine Match and 'Story mode' as in most single player games. Are there any others I'm not considering? If it's limited to that, I would just rename the template. If there are other things to consider, it may also be worth revising the template to have two separate sections. --Haarg 11:47, 14 February 2008 (EST)

UT2004's Invasion feels "single player"-ish enough, and it's possible to play any gametype alone (except maybe U2:XMP), offline, optionally adding bots. Hmmm, UC2 has the main storyline to play through with Anubis as well as alternate, simpler (no cutscenes) ladders with other characters. I can't think of anything else. I agree with removing the word "Multiplayer" from the template. Retodon8 17:02, 14 February 2008 (EST)
Invasion is still "multiplayer-ish" enough. You do get regular bots as team mates in offline play. It's basically a team game with one player team and one monster team, similar to co-op online mission mode. I'm with Haarg's initial suggestion. There simply aren't enough singleplayer-only gametypes to justify separating the templates. Maybe it's worth a try separating pure offline gametypes from the online-capable ones. --Wormbo 03:23, 15 February 2008 (EST)
You're talking about simply renaming "Multiplayer Gametypes" to just "Gametypes", right? If so, we are four, so I guess that's the way to go. I'm not sure I understand that last part though. You don't want to split single and multiplayer either, but you do want to, maybe, split offline and online? Isn't that pretty much the same thing? Are you referring to something other than the template maybe? I figure mentioning off- and/or online, single player and/or multiplayer manually in the individual articles is enough. Retodon8 13:58, 15 February 2008 (EST)
Nevermind me, I only thought about visually splitting offline-only gametypes, but keeping them in the same template. After thinking about it, it doesn't seem to make much sense anymore as there are only really few stock gametypes falling in that category. --Wormbo 03:25, 16 February 2008 (EST)
Oh, I see. :) There is already Template:Unreal Single Player to sort the single player/offline stuff from that game. We could do the same for Unreal 2's story mode as well as the ladders from the UT and UC games. Maybe this (Template:Gametypes) could have a link to an article "Single Player" that broadly describes this "gametype" for all the games, and links to aforementioned single player templates for easy access. Retodon8 11:56, 17 February 2008 (EST)
I was thinking of an article like that, I'm just not sure there would be enough content to justify it. On the other hand, there are multiple single player types. Story line (Unreal, Unreal 2), tournament (UT, UT2kx, UC, UC2?), campaign (UT3, UC2?). Maybe there could be a single page that describes those various types? — Haarg 12:22, 17 February 2008 (EST)
I only counted story mode and ladder, but you're right, UC2 and UT3's campaign mode are really a third gametype, a bit of a mix between the two. I was thinking the exact same thing, one article "Single Player" that discusses those three things. Actually having a section for every game would make more sense, perhaps with a quick (headerless) intro describing the three archetype single player gametypes used throughout the series. That should give an article's worth of content. Retodon8 17:18, 17 February 2008 (EST)
Everyone seems agreed, so I've moved the page to Template:Gametypes --Haarg 18:16, 16 February 2008 (EST)
What about the inclusion of Single Player then? As maps with Single Player in their Gametype links to nowhere. And it would be nice to have Single Player description anyway. Plus there's a nice space on the 3rd line almost made for SP. --GreatEmerald 06:13, 21 May 2008 (EDT)

Other gametypes?

What about the other gametypes that are there, should all of the derivatives of DM be listed? For example, Gravity Match? There are more that are not listed, in UGold. Basically those gametypes are simply DM with mutators, but they are still in the gametype list? --GreatEmerald 16:24, 27 May 2008 (EDT)

I'd say they should be added. Depending on how many there are though, we may want to split the template into two sections, one for DM variants and one for everything else. — Haarg 20:55, 27 May 2008 (EDT)
Checked, there are Gravity Match and Terran Weapon Match. Though they are officially written without spaces. --GreatEmerald 04:48, 28 May 2008 (EDT)


Should this be categorized some? Perhaps a division of DM style gametypes from others? Granted, that may be a somewhat subjective distinction, but the list is getting a bit long and unruly. — Haarg 06:45, 31 May 2008 (EDT)

Yes, I agree, we should also add Terran Weapon Match and Gravity Match there. Maybe we could do some more grouping, like CTF-like games: BR, CTF, VCTF, XMP, Overdose etc. --GreatEmerald 06:48, 31 May 2008 (EDT)