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  • Just a schmuck who's been part of Unreal since 2001, BU since 2004, and staff since 2005. Slacked off for about a year in September 2006, and is getting back into the swing of things with UT3. He wishes UT3 would've been better received, but alas, most of the community wasn't willing to overlook its issues and shortcomings. He thoroughly enjoyed the content of the expansion, and remains hopeful for one more and some good third-party mods such as Jailbreak to happen.
  • Acknowledged and self-embraced Tank Whore, though he does use other things on other maps, even sometimes not using the tank on maps where it's more negative than beneficial (ONS-Dawn, ONS-Dria, etc.) This does not apply to UT3 - he tends to spend more time out of the tank than in, unless it's VCTF-Suspense, VCTF-Kargo or VCTF-Containment.
  • Is wrong. Period.
  • Tends to upgrade his systems solely around Unreal games. His current one was built for UT3, and runs it awesome with maximum details at 1024x768, which is all he wanted to run it at. His previous one was built for UT2004. This system was upgraded in April of 2009; among the upgrades was a new monitor, meaning he now plays at a widescreen resolution of 2048x1152.
  • Favorite Unreal Tournament game: UT3, but that's sort of a given, isn't it? Currently second is UT, and it will always be on his system and present fond memories. UT2004 is a distant third... it simply cannot keep up.
  • Currently on summer break. Graduated from college with a degree in Liberal Arts in Social Sciences. His next step is a 4-year college.

Ways to Reach Me

  • Most reliable way: XFire, as darkpulse.
  • Other, semi-reliable way: IRC. Look for [BU]Dark_Pulse or Dark_Pulse.
  • Quasi-reliable ways: AIM, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ. These are visible on my Forum Profile.
  • Never-reliable way: Email. Don't bother sending email to the MSN address... it's not even active for email anymore. Plus I just checked the email I DO use and had 767 new emails. No, I'm not kidding. Yes, most of it is spam. Just use one of the other methods.