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1v1 (also known as 1on1 and 1vs1) is a favorite gametype of high-level Deathmatch players and those looking to get better. It requires and helps train many of the base skills that are shared among all gametypes. It has been said many times by various players that 1v1 is the best way to train your fragging and movement skills because there is no chance of poaching for points and no relying on your team.

This is Deathmatch in its purest form - mano a mano. Kill your enemy, but be careful to die as few times as possible.


Players gain more points than their opponent to win. Each kill will gain a player one point against their enemy. Every death, whether by the enemy or by suicide, will reduce their score compared to the enemy's by one. As with many of the frag-based gametypes, 1v1 is one with a positive feedback loop. That is, whoever is currently winning the match has the upper hand, while the player behind has extra ground to make up if he hopes to secure victory. When you die in 1v1 you lose all your weapons and possibly any chance at getting some armor, putting you at a distinct disadvantage and forcing you to play smart. You'll respawn in a fairly predictable spot, so knowing how to maneuver your way out of sticky situations is extremely important.

Standard Game Rules

Additional UTComp Rules

Standard Maps

1v1 is played competitively on four maps, though, in theory, just about any can work. Active members of the competitive community decided over time that these were the ones that played better in a competitive sense.

The FE versions of the first three have been accepted as replacements for the retail releases, while the last one is usually the "ESWC2k5" version. The FE version of Ironic is, for some reason, not used all the time, and some 1v1 servers don't stock it. Those who play with ambient sounds off will have to turn them back on to hear the lifts in the non-FE version of Ironic. You may also see Backspace-FE as a choice in 1v1 tournaments.

Some Public Servers

Here are a few public 1v1 servers. Just hop on and wait for someone to show up, or spectate a current game and ask to play the winner.


  • Powerup control is vital to success in 1v1. Controlling powerups in 1v1 requires precise timing, as you have nobody to fall back on should you miss a powerup.
  • A good quality audio setup will help you keep track of enemy positions.
  • If you're looking to get better, play people better than you.
  • The end goal is total map control, not necessarily superb fragging skill. If you take away your enemy's weapons and armor, he won't have protection or a good way to shoot you.
  • If you're down, your goal is to break your opponent's lock on the map. Try to swipe his pickups whilst doing your best to frag him in any way possible. There is no such thing as spam if it gets you a kill. Denying him a single super shield may be just the thing you need to turn the match around.