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Top decks of a Nakhti Pyramid Cruiser, and site of this year's finals. One misstep means a three kilometer fall.
Unreal Championship 2 map description
Screenshot of Legacy
Full title Legacy
Players 2-6
Game Unreal Championship 2
Gametype Deathmatch

Map Description


Tips & tricks



Ascension Rites

See ACT-SelketCheats.


This is the perfect chance to show these freaks a lesson, especially that creepy bitch Lilith. She totally copied your look!

Match name: Taking Flight
Gametype: Deathmatch
Player: Sapphire
Rivals: Lilith, Lauren
Mutators: LowGravAll, Quad Jump, No Lock
Time Limit: 10
Goal Score: 15

Win this match to unlock the LowGrav, LowGravAll and Quad Jump mutators.

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Devastation's Ladder

You have now been given permission to unleash your full potential. The Liandri have decided they no longer have any use for Sobek. You will be the first Liandri-constructed champion since Xan Kriegor. Overclock your processors.

Match name: Finals
Gametype: Deathmatch
Rivals: Sobek
Time Limit: 15
Goal Score: 10

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Selket's Ladder

The Liandri turned on you in the name of higher ratings, and helped Anubis make his way to the finals. In the depths of your heart, this was the match you really wanted. Now is your chance to achieve all of your goals. You'll show the Liandri that you can bring ratings. You'll show Anubis the true meaning of strength. You'll show the Nakhti people that you are the only choice for Empress. And you'll show the Liandri who really has the power.

Match name: My Boyfriend's Back
Gametype: Deathmatch
Rivals: Anubis
Time Limit: 0
Goal Score: 15

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