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Vicious, bloody combat and the great outdoors - who could ask for more? This small arena is divided by a fast moving, deadly river. Swimming is NOT recommended.
map description
Full title Canyon
Author(s) Warren Marshall
Players 6-10
Music Level3
Games UT2003 (Epic BP), UT2004
Gametype Bombing Run

Map Description

BR-Canyon's lay-out is rather simple. A field, surrounded by high cliffs, is divided into 2 parts by a river. The bomb is located on the bridge crossing the river, in the middle of the map. The terrain is shaped and divided by large rocks, cliffs and hills. The goals are positioned near the back of the fields, and are suspended onto an arch (see picture at the bottom of the page). Luckily, there are 2 jumppads that will kick the player through the goal. A cliff with 2 big Gen Mo'Kai fang-shaped columns (as seen in the 3rd picure below) blocks a direct route from the ball to the goal. It also makes a good sniper post. This cliff can be reached with a jumppad as well. The other cliffs can only be reached with the Translocator. A 2nd sniper post is located on a cliff behind the goals. The rest of the weapons and pickups are spread over the fields, on small platforms on the dirt paths. The spawnpoints near the side/rear of the map, in small pools.

Weapons & Pickups

Canyon's weapon and power-up locations.


Weapon Count Ammo Ammo Location
Minigun 2 4 2 near both of the pickups
Flak Cannon 2 4 2 behind each goal
Rocket Launcher 2 4 2 behind each goal
Lightning Gun 4 8 2 on all of the 4 sniper posts


Pickup Count Location
Health Vial 10 2 groups of 5, in the field on both sides of the river
Health Pack 4 1 near each goal. 1 on each high ledge, next to a huge fang
Shield Pack 2 1 near each goal
Adrenaline 10 2 groups of 5, in the field on both sides of the river

Tips & tricks

  • Long shots are most effective in this level, due to its layout. It's possible to get the bomb near the enemy goal from virtually any place in the map with a long shot, boosted by the Shock Rifle's primary fire.
  • The map above also indicates the various higher cliffs which are accessible. These cliffs are useful for crossing the map fast. Having a person ready on these cliffs, or on the enemy's sniper post near the river, could significantly shorten the route from one goal to another.

Single-Player tips

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