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The infidels seek to defile your ancestors. Send them to meet theirs.
map description
Temple Of Anubis
Full title Temple Of Anubis
Author(s) Scott McGregor
Players 6-10
Music KR-Tomb-of-Horus
Games UT2003, UC, UT2004
Gametype Bombing Run

Map Description

The location of this arena is a temple in the middle of a desert. The team's bases are located on the outside of the temple, and they must cross a square with 2 rows of obelisks (which will be referred to as "main squares" from here on out) to reach the arena's main structure, with the bomb inside. This route is very straightforward. It's the quickest, but also the most predictable route. The teams can also go north or south from the main squares, and enter the building via a small desert-like environment (with powerful pickups near the back). A final route can be found in the rooms north and south of the hall containing the ball. A narrow passage forms a shortcut from the upper levels of these rooms to a high ledge next to the main squares. Inside the goal rooms, the goals hover above a deep pit. Jumping through the goal will result in death.

Weapons & Pickups


Anubis' weapon and power-up locations.
Weapon Count Ammo Ammo Location
Bio Rifle 2 4 2 on the ledges on each main square
Shock Rifle 2 6 2 on each main square, 1 on both south shortcuts.
Link Gun 2 6 3 on the ledges on both main squares
Minigun 2 4 2 next to each stairs from the center to the main squares
Flak Cannon 1 6 2 on each main square, 2 on the SW shortcut
Rocket Launcher 2 6 2 on each main square, 2 on NE shortcut
Lightning Gun 2 4 1 on each main square, 1 on both north shortcuts
Redeemer 1 - -


Pickup Count Location
Health Vial 36 6 in each Goal Room, 12 in the rooms north and south of the bomb
Health Pack 10 View map
Shield Pack 2 Center of main squares
Super Shield Pack 1 On the sand, behind a large obelisk
Adrenaline 28 12 in the middle of the map, 4 on each column in the sand

Tips & tricks

  • The center of the map, with the narrowed hallways and the Rocket Launcher and Flak Cannon nearby, will prove to be the most difficult to pass through.
  • Pass the ball regularly and alternate between the 5 different routes leading to the opponent's base.
  • With the many Adrenaline pickups in the map and the short distances to the bases, good use of the Speed Combo will also prove to be useful.
  • Ambushes can be realized in the many narrow doorways this map offers, with a variety of weapons, such as the Rocket Launcher, the Bio Rifle's alt-fire or Shock Combo's with the Shock Rifle.

Single-Player tips

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  • Winning this match in the UT2004 BR Ladder unlocks the Assault ladder.

UT2004 AS Ladder (AS-FallenCity) Next >>


  • This is one of the maps which was released with the UT2003 demo. The other maps are CTF-Citadel, DM-Antalus and DM-Asbestos. A latter demo added CTF-Orbital2.
  • Although there is a music track in the game called "Ghosts of Anubis", this similarly named map does not use it.
  • The Unreal Championship version of this map is slightly different from the UT versions. These changes, however, are purely aesthetic and the map's layout is the same across all versions.