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A bloblet

Bloblets are seen in Unreal twice, and in Unreal:Return to Na Pali only once. In Unreal, both times they are avoidable, in ISV-Kran Deck 1 the player can press a button as soon as the slow doors open and successfully run out of the shielded area with bloblets (sacrificing a few pickups), while in the Mothership Lab they are held under a glass with a forcefield texture, so they can be avoided (again sacrificing a few Flak Shells). They are avoidable in Unreal - Return to Na Pali too, but the player must work a little harder to avoid them at that point Inside UMS Prometheus. However, they are easy enough to get rid of with explosive weapons, such as the Rocket Launcher.

Bloblets are native to Na Pali. Two groups of them were captured and studied inside the ISV-Kran by Russian scientist Tatiana Zimna, who classified them as highly acidic creatures with an incredibly complex genetic structure.

Technical details

In reality, they are made of two actors, a bloblet actor, and a parent blob actor. The bloblet is inactive without a parent blob actor. The bloblet is already offensive but does not attack the player. If a swarm is desired in a map, there must be a group of bloblets, and then usually an inactive parent blob, which can be set to go off at a designated time. The movement of the bloblet is dependent on the parent blob. This system allows the main blob pawn to climb steep surfaces to get to the player.