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The lighthouse serves as a beacon to this remote island, thought to be the ancient home of the Necris Prophet. The spiritual components of the Necris conversion are greatly misunderstood, and their power is vastly underestimated. Those who are willing to face the impact of their conversion often come to religious centers like this one to meditate.
Unreal Tournament 3 map description
Full title Searchlight
Players 8-12
Music RomNecris01
Game Unreal Tournament 3
Gametype Capture the Flag

Map Description

Weapons & Pickups


Weapon Count Ammo Ammo Location
BioRifle 2 4
Shock Rifle 2 3
Link Gun 2 4 On the roof above the 3 Health Packs on each side of the map.
Stinger Minigun 2 4 Directly to the left of the each building the flag is in.
Flak Cannon 2 4 Directly to the right of each building the flag is in.
Rocket Launcher 2 4 Next to the wall near the statue in the open area on each side of the map.
Sniper Rifle 4 8 On a platform above the roof above each flag; On the roof above the middle room on each side.


Pickup Count Location
Health Pack 12 Directly behind each base; in the room adjacent to the open area with the statue on each side.
Health Vial 6
Thighpads 2 To the right of each base by the wall.
Armor 2 On the roof above each flag.
Shield Belt 1 In the center of the middle room on a circular platform.
Invisibility 2 To the left of the open area with the statue at the end of a narrow descending platform (on each side).

Tips & Tricks



  • The Red and Blue searchlights spins around aimlessly. But if a flag is taken the corresponding beam will follow the FlagCarrier. This may not be extremely useful but will atleast give a hint of the general direction of the FlagCarrier.


  • This map was released with the first UT3 bonus pack, alongside CTF-FacingWorlds and DM-Morbias.
  • The name of the map comes from an item in the first Unreal.
  • It had a bug in the map where the Red beam follow the Blue FlagCarrier. This was fixed in patch 2.0.
  • It was supposed to be packed with the retail game, but seems that it was not done for before the release date. This was the briefing:
Akasha's last hope for sanctuary was here, on the island of the prophet, but when she got here the entire island was deserted. Sounds like she's cracking up, but don't underestimate her. I bet she's got a few last tricks up her sleeve.