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This location was turned into a burial site after a mysterious plague wiped out most of an alien population. Centuries later the architecture remains but the bones are gone, only to be replaced by the fresh bones of tournament combatants.
Unreal Tournament map description
Screenshot of Sepulchre
Full title Sepulchre
Author(s) Rich Eastwood
Players 2-6
Music Colossus
Game Unreal Tournament
Gametype Capture the Flag

Map Description

Weapons & Pickups


Red Base Blue Base
Minigun x1 Flak Cannon x1
Shock Rifle x1 Shock Rifle x1
Rocket Launcher x1 Pulse Gun x1


Red Base Middle Ground Blue Base
Health Pack x4 Shield Belt Health Pack x4
Armor x1 Armor x1
Minigun Ammo x2 Flak Shells x2
Shock Core x2 Shock Core x2
Rocket Pack x2 Pulse Cell x2

Tips & tricks


  • This is one of UT's console-exclusive maps.


Unreal Tournament (PS2)

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