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Now a Capture the Flag arena, this temple facility once served as the entrance to the Emperor's private gardens.
Unreal Championship 2 map description
Screenshot of Sky Reach
Full title Sky Reach
Players 6-8
Game Unreal Championship 2
Gametype Capture the Flag

Map Description


Tips & tricks



Selket's Ladder

As usual, you're the fastest member of your team. Leave everyone on defense, the only task of which they're really capable, and use your speed to grab the flag and lose your opponents in the hallways. A couple turns and they'll never find you.

Match name: Capture The Flag in SkyReach
Gametype: Capture The Flag
Allies: Judas, Apophis, Garek
Rivals: Lilith, Darrius, Calypso, Szalor
Time Limit: 15
Goal Score: 3

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Sobek's Ladder

Adrenaline combos are strictly against the rules, which means no punk kids zipping by with the flag. Winning will take reflexes and aiming, just like in the good old days.

Match name: Simpler Times
Gametype: Capture The Flag
Mutators: No Adrenaline
Allies: Memphis, Korig, Ra
Rivals: Jackhammer, Lilith, Nepthys, Hyena
Time Limit: 15
Goal Score: 2

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