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The multi-level layout of this industrial complex lends itself perfectly to three-prong flag runs.
Unreal Championship 2 map description
Screenshot of Recoil
Full title Recoil
Players 6-8
Game Unreal Championship 2
Gametype Capture the Flag

Map Description


Tips & tricks


Anubis's Ladder

Your next opponent is the Nakhti team, who resents you bitterly for not joining them in representing your homeland. Outside the arena, they politely bow to their new emperor, but in the arena, you can expect them to be gunning for you.

Match name: Homecoming
Gametype: Capture The Flag
Allies: Lauren, Malcolm, Sapphire
Rivals: Memphis, Ra, Mirage, Nepthys
Time Limit: 15
Goal Score: 3
Mutators: Double Adrenaline

Win this match to unlock the Double Adrenaline mutator.

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Malcolm's Ladder

Each year, Thunder Crash calls upon you to captain its elite warriors and lead them to victory. Although the lineup may have changed over the years, the skill and talent are as strong as ever.

Match name: Thunder Crash
Gametype: Capture The Flag
Allies: Sapphire, Lauren, Raptor
Rivals: Hyena, Korig, Syzygy, Memphis
Time Limit: 15
Goal Score: 3

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Raptor's Ladder

You have been programmed with assault tactics for this arena, which show that the lift behind the flag is the optimal path. When you're defending the flag, watch out for the other team trying to use this strategy on you.

Match name: Capture The Flag in Recoil
Gametype: Capture The Flag
Allies: Mirage, Nepthys, Garek
Rivals: Syzygy, Memphis, Darrius, Ra
Time Limit: 15
Goal Score: 3

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