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Liandri's illegal nanotech research center has been quietly converted into a brutal team arena.
Unreal Championship 2 map description
Screenshot of Transistor
Full title Transistor
Players 6-8
Game Unreal Championship 2
Gametype Capture the Flag

Map Description


Tips & tricks



You always said you could beat them all at once, and now you have your chance. You only have to capture their flag once to win. Speed and cunning will be your deadliest weapons.

Match name: Footsteps
Gametype: Capture The Flag
Player: Selket
Rival: Syzygy, Sobek, Corrosion, Kraag
Initial score: 4-4
Mutators: No Adrenaline
Time Limit: 0
Goal Score: 5

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Anubis's Ladder

Thunder Crash is ranked first going into the Capture the Flag stage of the tournament. Every team will be looking to knock you from your pedestal.

Match name: Capture The Flag In Transistor
Gametype: Capture The Flag
Allies: Lauren, Malcolm, Sapphire
Rivals: Jackhammer, Ra, Arclite, Szalor
Time Limit: 15
Goal Score: 3

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Gorge's Ladder

Jackhammer switched teams mid-tournament just to get a second crack at you. Beating him, then telling him to come back after he finds another new team, will be a blast.

Match name: Jackhammer Returns
Gametype: Capture The Flag
Allies: Memphis, Mirage
Rivals: Jackhammer, Darrius, Nepthys
Time Limit: 15
Goal Score: 3

Win to unlock Nepthys as a bot.

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Malcolm's Ladder

Sapphire was injured badly in the last match, so you've had to promote Szalor from the second team. He may not be as fast as Sapphire, but he brings strength to your defense.

Match name: Semi-Final
Gametype: Capture The Flag
Allies: Szalor, Lauren, Anubis
Rivals: Mirage, Gorge, Jackhammer, Brock
Time Limit: 20
Goal Score: 4

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Torgr's Ladder

The Liandri have added an undead competitor to your roster. Despite their human origin, Necris assassins possess impressive abilities that make them acceptable teammates.

Match name: The Only Good Human...
Gametype: Capture The Flag
Allies: Ra, Mirage, Calypso
Rivals: Hyena, Sobek, Syzygy, Lilith
Time Limit: 15
Goal Score: 3

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