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CTF4 is a gametype modification created for both Unreal Tournament and Unreal Tournament 2004. The basic idea behind the mod was to expand the well-known two-team Capture the Flag to a total of four teams. Like original CTF maps, CTF4 maps are highly symmetrical in both axes (for instance, one of the more used CTF4 maps is an X-shape remake of the (in)famous CTF-Face).

Original form


Aside from being more difficult due to more opponents trying to stop your team from winning, UT's original CTF4 featured seven optional settings to enhance gameplay. It is available here.

  • Subtraction: when a team's flag is captured, that team loses a point. This way, defending one's base is heavily motivated.
  • Distribution: capture limit is changed to capture limit per flag. This means if the limit is 3, you must capture each flag three times to win. Once a paticular flag is captured the necessary number of times, you team can't pick it up anymore.
  • Elimination: only works with the above two. With Subtraction, if the capture limit is 3 and your team hits a score of -3, you are defeated. With Distribution, if each enemy team captures your flag the necessary number of times, you are defeated. When you are defeated, you can't pick up flags anymore.
  • Designation: your team must capture enemy flags in the designated order. You cannot pick up flags that are not your objective.
  • Carry flag back: if an enemy carrying your flag is fragged, you must pick up your flag and bring it home yourself.
  • Carry multiple flags: you can carry two or even three flags at once (depending on how many can you get away with).
  • Translocate with flags: instead of dropping your flag when you translocate, your translocator is reset when you pick up a flag. This way you can still use it, but not to instantly escape to your base.


This mod was ostensibly harder to create, as Unreal Engine 2 does not contain gold and green skins. To get around this, the creator gave the option to load the default "neutral" version for those skins that do not have gold and green variants. Latest version is, released in 2005. From onwards, there is a "denied" icon over a flag you can't capture, as well as the option to play on regular CTF maps. It is available here.