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The crypt maze of the Serpentine Temple, home of the Scaled God Rec.
Once considered a sacred crypt, now the corporeal vessels of past heroes have been excavated.
It's time to replace them with new sacrifices.
map description
Full title Serpentine
Author(s) Lee Perry
Players 2-4
Music None
Games UT2003, UT2004
Gametype Deathmatch

Map Description

Serpentine is a small, square map with an Anuban design. Underneath the main floor is a small maze of dark, partly covered hallways. The maze is connected to the main floor via 2 ramps. 2 other ramps lead up from the main floor to another floor, which is a simple hallway which follows the four outer walls and is covered from most sides. Two lifts on opposite sides of the map allow access from the maze-like ground-floor to the top floor, which consists of a bridge-like structure with a hole in the middle, allowing a player to drop down to the main floor, snipe any opponents below and be sniped from below himself.

Weapons & Pickups

Serpentine's weapon and power-up locations.


Weapon Count Ammo Ammo Location
Assault Rifle 0 4 In the outer walkway, around the map
Shock Rifle 2 1 On the middle part of the bridge
Link Gun 2 4 2 near both of the pickups, in the outer walkway.
Minigun 2 2 1 next to each pickup, underneath ramp from main floor to outer walkway.
Flak Cannon 2 2 1 next to each weapon pickup, underneath bridge on the maze-floor
Rocket Launcher 2 2 On maze-like floor, near each ramp from the main floor to the outer walkway
Lightning Gun 2 2 1 on the middle part of the bridge, 1 underneath the Wildcard


Pickup Count Location
Health Vial 14 In a central corridor underneath the main floor
Adrenaline 16 12 in the outer walkway, 4 in the middle of the bridge
Wildcard 1 Randomly spawns Health Pack, Big Keg O' Health, Super Shield Pack or Double Damage

Tips & Tricks

The best place to be in this map is, of course, the top level. So once you spawn, don't waste time and grab one of the Lightning Guns at the lowest level of the map, make your way to the elevator, take the Shock Rifle there and any Adrenaline you find, and camp around, watching the area below. The Adrenaline in the top area and gain from frags will keep you alive long enough, if you use the Booster powerup all the time. If you see the enemy using one of the elevators, aim at the centre and make a surprise headshot when it arrives. If you run out of ammo, use the Shock Rifle until you get enough ammo to use the Lightning Gun again. If you can't see your enemy, then it is probably behind you - don't leave your back unguarded.


  • This is the final map of the UT2003 SP campaign.
  • Serpentine is a remake of a custom Quake 2 map by the same author.
  • This map is called "DM-Serpentine" in UT2003; the "1on1" prefix was added in UT2004.
  • The map had a different description before the releases:
The Serpentine Temple is the house of Quetzalcoatl, the Serpent God of the Aztecs. Its construction scheme is excellent for lightning DeathMatches.