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For other versions of this map, see Recurring maps#HyperBlast.
Thanks to Magnetic Anti-Vacuum Resonance technology, combatants are able to battle outside of Xan's 'HyperBlast' arena ship for an extended period of time. Use extreme caution though, one mistake and you'll find yourself floating in space.
UT2004 map description
Full title HyperBlast2
Author(s) Rogelio Olguin
Players 2-6
Music KR-Hyperblast-Redux
Game UT2004
Gametype Deathmatch

Map Description

DM-HyperBlast2 is a UT2004 remake of the Unreal Tournament map DM-HyperBlast. Like in UT, Hyperblast is the final map of the single player ladder and you will face Malcolm, ClanLord, or Xan here, depending on which of their corresponding teams Thundercrash, Iron Skull and The Corrupt was more successful during the tournament.

Weapons & Pickups



Tips & Tricks

  • When fighting outside, try to use the primary-secondary fire combination of the Shock Rifle. This technique will blow them right off the stage, if not kill them.

Single-Player tips

  • There's a hiding spot under the ship which is very useful in single player on the tournament finals where the bosses are extremely hard so you can frag them once and hide under there for the entire time. In the ship where the flak cannon and bio rifle are, go where the 3 health vials are and you'll find a ledge. Hide under the ledge so they won't see you because if they find you, you're dead. If you feel, that it's still not safe enough, then there's another place where you can go by croching go down there by running in the ship where it is under until you can't run anymore. Then crouch and you should find yourself able to fit. it's a guarentee they won't find you so you can do something else and come back 20 minutes later and find that you won the championship.
  • It's advised to fight more in the interior. Xan's preference for explosive weapons may seriously hurt your score when fighting outside.
  • Patrol the circular corridor with the health vials and the Super Shield pickup as well as the Small Shield (try to grab these before Xan does, if you have them already keep grabbing them to prevent Xan from increasing his armor), you should collect both Shield pickups as well as a good amount of health and adrenaline.
  • Once in a while, Xan may spawn on top of the ship near the Rocket Launcher, then he usually descends falling over the left side platform with the Minigun ammo pickup, you can kill him pretty easily here as the AI falls helplessly and does not fire back at you until he touches the floor.

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