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Dispersion Pistol Powerup

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A Dispersion Pistol Powerup

The Dispersion Pistol Powerup is an item found in Unreal. It is essentially a battery that upgrades your Dispersion Pistol's power and ammo capacity but lowers its rate of fire.


The Dispersion Pistol can be upgraded four times, each by picking up the weapon power-up. After the fourth upgrade, any power-up does not upgrade the pistol but fully replenishes its ammo.

Upgrade Appearance Ammo
per shot*
Ammo cost
per shot*
Damage per
unit ammo*
0 U1 pistol1.png 50 15 1 15.0 Blue
1 U1 pistol2.png 60 25 3 8.3 Yellow
2 U1 pistol3.png 70 40 5 8.0 Green
3 U1 pistol4.png 80 55 6 9.2 Red
4 U1 pistol5.png 90 75 7 10.7 Orange
* Applies to primary fire only.


In Unreal:

  1. Rrajigar Mine. In a large room with lava and collapsing wooden truss bridges, a Nali opens a cave.
  2. Terraniux. In the octagonal center of the greenhouse complex, use one of the lifts at the bottom to reach the top level.
  3. Temple of Vandora. Dive into the well by the square staircase and look for a hole in the wall. Follow the underwater tunnel and enter a cave to the right, situated just before the hole blocked by metal bars.
  4. Na Pali Haven. Ascend the square staircase to the top floor of the farm building with Krall warriors and nearby Nali cows. The power-up is located three rooms before the switch that drops the wooden board.
  5. Velora Pass. In plain sight, it wakens the Stone Titan.
  6. Bluff Eversmoking. Activate the bell tower lift and drop below it onto a grille. The adjacent tunnel contains the power-up.

In Unreal (Multiplayer):

  1. DmAriza. Near the Tarydium Waste, ground level.
  2. DmCurse. Secret wall just behind Shield Belt.
  3. DmHealPod. On the top level of the Main Hall.

In Return to Na Pali:

  1. Spire Valley. In a Nali church on top of a box accessible by dropping down from the upper floor.
  2. Velora Temple. In the final room, straight across from the elevator underneath a painting in clear view. Guarded by a Skaarj Lord.
  3. Nagomi Passage (dawn). On top of the crate that held an armor the first time through. To get on top of crate use the awkward slope in the side of the mountain.
  4. Watcher of the Skies. In clear view on top of one of the crates by a torch.