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Scythe, a Krall

The Krall are aliens that appear in Unreal and Return to Na Pali as enemies in the single player game, Unreal Tournament 2004 in the Invasion, and Unreal Tournament 3 as an enemy team. They are a brown, lizard-like species with large spikes that are more primitive and feral than humans. Their home planet is unknown.

In their original Unreal appearance (and later derivative incarnations) the Krall are relatively Human-like. In UT3 the Krall are depicted much more like vicious, yet intelligent, animal predators. According to the Unreal manual, kralls are 7 feet tall and weigh 285 lbs.

A Krall warrior

During Unreal and Return to Na Pali the Krall are enslaved by the Skaarj who used them as soldiers. (It is unknown whether they replaced or complemented the Izarian fighting force.) Over time the Krall grew contented fighting for the Skaarj (though threads of distaste with the Skaarj and each other, low-level dissent, and impatience to get back home are evident in some journal entries in the Bluff Eversmoking and Dasa Mountain Pass levels of Unreal.) The Krall on Na Pali are armed with concussion staffs which can fire energy bolts and which can be used to hit nearby enemies. After losing their legs in combat the Krall will crawl towards their enemy on their hands while still firing energy bolts. There are also the Krall Elites, recognizable by patches of blue body paint. The Elites are stronger fighters and are better at dodging enemy fire. They are equipped with more powerful concussion staffs.

A Krall elite warrior

During UT2004 both regular Krall and Krall Elite appear as enemies in Invasion matches. Since they use their original vertex meshes instead of skeletal meshes, their appearance is identical to that in Unreal.

Unreal Tournament 3

UT3 KrallTeam.jpg
Predominant Race Krall
Sponsor: Necris

In UT3 a Krall tribe led by Scythe fight alongside the Necris. The Krall are the primary assault force that sacked and obliterate the Twin Souls Mining Colony in the beginning of UT3, causing Reaper to swear to take revenge on both them and Akasha. They are the main enemies that the players will face from Act II until approximately Act IV, when the player then begins to take on the Necris.

The Necris use these formidable reptilian beasts for the pacification of newly conquered planets.


A 2D pop-up Krall (Unreal version) is one of John Dalton's targets in Unreal 2's weapon training.


Post about the Krall by Jim "Entropy" Brown