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FLaGs, or Field Lattice Generators, are devices that power a team's Respawners in Unreal Tournament 3's campaign mode on Capture the Flag and Vehicle Capture the Flag maps. They are used as an explanation how capturing FLaGs helps win a battle. FLaGs are destroyed by taking them from the enemy and bringing them to your own FLaG base. Doing so depletes the enemy respawner's power. However, when there is vehicle support, you cannot carry the FLaG in a vehicle, because of a conflict with the FLaG and vehicle power cells.

Campaign Quotes

"It looks like a flag, waves like a flag- it's a flag."
"Just because we've got vehicles, don't go tryin' to carry FLaGs in em. FLaGs don't seem to mix well with vehicle power cells."

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