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UT3 Single Player

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The Unreal Tournament 3 single player portion will expand upon the simple ladder matches present in previous installments. A five act storyline (the first act is only one level: the tutorial), complete with a cinematic beginning and ending, will tell the story of the player seeking revenge for the slaughter of his clan.

You will play as Reaper (pictured here), a mercenary working with the Ronin for the Izanagi Corporation. The beginning of the campaign will have you running point on several missions. Mid-way through, the Necris attack and your allegiance can slip from corporation to corporation, or you can choose to deal with the Necris threat right away. The Necris forces will be lead by a character named Akasha, a female Necris that can be found pictured here.

Once the Necris infection begins, you will replay maps from earlier in the campaign that have changed from their presence. Levels will be visibly altered from the Necris infection tubes. On one map, VCTF-Corruption, the base of each team is a feudal Asian inspired multi-level building, but the Necris side has enormous Necris tendrils snaking through the landscape and as far up into the sky as you can see.

Cooperative Mode

While the Campaign is described as the single player component of the game, If you start your game as a "public" game, up to three other players can join your game to team up against the bots. During Co-op play, your usual character settings are ignored, and you take on the role of the ronin characters in the campaign, with the difference being that even in the matches that are 1v1 or less than 4v4, you can still have 4 players. This doesn't necessarily make it easier though because if you're not too good against the bots, more players on your side means more targets for the bot(s) you're going against. So it still remains an interesting challenge if you enjoy Co-op.

During the campaign, in co-op:

  • The game creator is always Reaper.
  • The other three players control Jester, Bishop, and Othello.
  • In matches where you normally have less than 4 team mates, the 2nd/3rd player will always be controlling the other two or three characters that would normally have appeared in the map.
  • (Needs confirmation) Only the player who created the game can choose the mission at the Mission Selection menu.


Check every map's page to get tips.

Be aware, though, the pages contain spoilers. Read the synopsis at your own risk.