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Force Wall

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Force Wall
Effect: Prevents enemies from passing through.

A Force Wall is a defensive laser fence featuring in Unreal 2 and XMP. It is created by placing two or more Field Generators, pole-shaped deployables. They can be complemented with Auto Turrets and Rocket Turrets.

If two Field Generators are place in each other's vicinity, they will detect eachother and automatically link with a set of lasers. Additionally placed generators will form more wall sections. Each individual section of one of your Force Walls can be temporarily disabled by using the "Use" key on that section, allowing passage. The lasers will automatically reactivate. It is possible to "Use" a generator you placed to pick it up again, breaking any laser walls it was generating. The generator can then be placed in a different spot.

Force Walls can be destroyed with any weapon by shooting either a generator or the laser wall section. Ramming with vehicles also wears them down. A much more effective method is destroying a generator using EMP damage from either an EMP grenade or the alternative fire of an Energy Rifle.

In the single player game, Force Walls appear in the following missions: Swamp (pre-placed, immovable), Kalydon, Janus (including enemy's).


In XMP Force Walls are colored in the way of the team that owns them, and only that team can deactivate wall sections. If a Force Wall is created where a player is as well, this player will be instantly killed.

Like most other deployables, every generators uses energy from the team's supply. Without sufficient energy, Force Walls will deactivate.

Only Techs are supplied with Field Generators, and they are the only class that can carry them, and only if they belong to their team. Techs can carry generators placed by their team mates.

Techs and Rangers are best equipped for destroying Force Walls, as they carry EMP grenades and an Energy Rifle respectively.

Other Unreal games

Force Walls also appear in many other Unreal games, but they can't be placed directly by the player. They are often used to block areas or used as floor/ceiling replacements.