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eXpanded MultiPlayer

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XMP, or eXpanded MultiPlayer, is a class- and vehicle-based gametype in Unreal II.

XMP was designed and developed by Legend Entertainment as a kind of bonus pack, to add a multiplayer component to Unreal II. The 274.1 MB patch was released in 2003, and requires Unreal II's play disc to play.

XMP gameplay is somewhat similar to that of a Vehicle Capture the Flag game with four flags instead of two. The object of XMP is to capture the two Artifacts of the enemy team and return them to your base, while keeping your own team's two Artifacts. Once all four Artifacts are captured by one team, that team has won the game. Additionally, both teams have an energy reserve used to power their vehicles and everything else. Every member should use energy efficiently and help gather new energy.

Although created by the original developer Legend, publisher Atari does not offer support for XMP.[1]





The original Unreal II (released February 2003) wasn't as popular as other Unreal games, partly because it didn't have a multiplayer component. XMP was Legend's solution to this problem; the developers worked in their spare time to create XMP, unsupported by publisher Atari. XMP probably simply came too late (December 2003), because neither Unreal II nor XMP became as popular as other games in the franchise. Atari closed Legend in January 2004.[2][3][4][5]

Bonus packs

There have been three large bonus packs for XMP, although none by developer Legend Entertainment or publisher Atari.


The CBP, or Community Bonus Pack, was created by XMP's beta testers, and features ten maps and seven mutators.

Maps: [6]

  • XMP-CBP-Apophis
  • XMP-CBP-Asunder
  • XMP-CBP-Emerald
  • XMP-CBP-Hell
  • XMP-CBP-Islands
  • XMP-CBP-Kaminari
  • XMP-CBP-Naularn
  • XMP-CBP-WinterGarden
  • XMP-CBP-Wonderwoods
  • XMP-CBP-Xaemia

Mutators: [7]

  • ArtifactPowers
  • KickIdlers
  • SuicideRaptors
  • Summoner
  • XMPMusic
  • XMP IRC Reporter


The CXP, or Community eXpansion Pack, features 14 new maps as well as new game types, vehicle mods, and more. The CXP was created by a group of XMP fans in order to expand gameplay variety beyond the original design of XMP (and the CBP that stayed close to it). The CXP was released on September 4, 2004.[8]


  • XMP-cXp-1energy
  • XMP-cXp-Artidozenraptors
  • XMP-CXP-cannonboost
  • XMP-cXp-Cemetary1
  • XMP-cXp-CrystalGarden
  • XMP-cXp-CrystalGarden2
  • XMP-cXp-Duality
  • XMP-cXp-HeavenlyHell-RC
  • XMP-cXp-Kilovu
  • XMP-cXp-LastRites
  • xmp-cxp-nb-practice_d4
  • XMP-cXp-Simplicity8
  • XMP-cXp-UraniumEchoF-Myr
  • XMP-cXp-valleyofthedead


  • cXp.CrystalGame
  • cXp.EightGame
  • cXp.TwelveGame


  • cXp.Raptinger
  • cXp.Supernaut


  • cXp.HumanCannon

AlienPod's XMP Map Pack

AlienPod's XMP Map Pack features thirteen new maps: [9]

  • XMP-Wasteland
  • XMP-Avalanche
  • XMP-Lagoon
  • XMP-BeachAssault2
  • XMP-Minos
  • XMP-DesertKombat
  • XMP-Demilune
  • XMP-Cathexis
  • XMP-Acheron-FMI
  • XMP-Miasma-FMI
  • XMP-(untitled)-FMI
  • XMP-OmniPractice


April 30, 2004 Free Monkey Interactive announced they started porting XMP to UT2004 "with the blessing of former Legend Entertainment employees".[10] Besides porting XMP content, original material was added. Currently the latest version is 3.52 (May 2007).