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Race Hex-Core
Rank/Position: Unknown
Corporate Affiliation: TCA

I am one of fifty princes, not even in line for throne.

Ne'Ban is a Hex-Core prince and pilot of the TCA Atlantis during the time of Unreal 2. He speaks 500 different languages, but is uncomfortable speaking English.

After participating in an officer exchange program the TCA were sent Ne'Ban. Because of his status on his home planet, the TCA chose to station him on the Atlantis, it being being the quietest patrol available. Once Atlantis's mission becomes dangerous Sector Commander Hawkins wants Ne'Ban to return to safety, but he prefers to stay on board after having led a sheltered life until then.

The Hex-Core are alien parasites that live in transparent, blue slugs to survive. In turn, the slugs are encased in a kind of cybernetic suit to protect them from harm, allow them mobility, and equip them with prehensile limbs.