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Sector Commander Hawkins

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Sector Commander Hawkins
Rank/Position: Sector Commander
Corporate Affiliation: TCA
Weapon Preference: Magnum

You killed my crew.

Hawkins was a Terran Colonial Authority commander and John Dalton's superior during the events of Unreal 2. He lead Dalton to retrieve all seven Artifacts under the guise of General Drexler ultimately for his own gain. He was responsible for purposely shooting down the TCA Atlantis during the Skaarj attack on Avalon, presumably killing Aida, Isaak, and Ne'Ban.

Hawkins combined the artifacts on his ship, the Dorian Gray, which caused the transformation of seemingly harmless Kai into the mighty Tosc. Hawkins set the ship to fly into the system's star, hoping to destroy the Tosc menace.

Dalton caught Hawkins after learning the truth about his crew's death, and after Hawkins offered him a place at his side to rule the galaxy with the power of the weapon of the combined artifacts, Dalton shot and killed Hawkins with Aida's Magnum.