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Human-Skaarj War

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The Human-Skaarj War is the war between Humans and the Skaarj.

Although the exact year is unknown, it was somewhere before 2215 that a human (possibly female) only known as Prisoner 849 crashed on the planet Na Pali with the prison ship UMS Vortex Rikers. Na Pali was at that time occupied by the Skaarj who attacked Prisoner 849. Fighting back, she killed many Skaarj and even managed to kill their Queen, instigating the Skaarj to attack the humans, starting the war.


In 2215 Earth and the United Aligned Worlds, or UAW, formed the New Earth Government to restore order on Earth by controlling skirmishes between the major corporations such as the Liandri, Axon, and Izanagi, so Earth could form a unified front against the Skaarj.

The 7 Day Siege

The war ended in 2216 during the 7 Day Siege, in which the Skaarj attacked Earth directly using one of their motherships. They were however defeated by NEG commandos, forcing the Skaarj to retreat.

Many of Earth's cities lie in ruins, and are soon overtaken by various groups of unknown rebels, often covertly financed by the great corporations who establish bases there. Only in 2219 the NEG attempts to regain control of the cities.

After losing the war, the Skaarj hold the Iron Skull clan responsible for the loss of the Mothership. This probably means they were in charge of protecting the Mothership by manning her turrets and piloting the Black Scorpion fighters.

The 7 Day Siege is recreated in UT2004's AS-Mothership, and one of NEG's attacks on rebel command centers is recreated in AS-FallenCity.