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Official Liandri Logo
The Liandri Corporation is a Heavy Industrial and Mining Combine with installations on dozens of planets. They defend their interests with an army of genetically engineered female warriors who have been raised since birth to be fighters.

The Liandri Mining Corporation is a very large mining company that brought the Tournaments in to the mainstream in 2291 when consensual murder was legalized. They did this by tri-casting the tournaments.

The first champion of these tournaments is Xan Kriegor who lead Liandri's sponsored team - The Corrupt.

Liandri also created its own combatants for its tournament in Unreal Championship 2 (Devastation, Raptor and Syzygy).


Liandri Angels

The Liandri Angels are a special operations unit developed by the Liandri. They are comprised of all-female warriors, bred since birth to be fighters. They are highly skilled and highly organized, and have largely set aside their emotions, although they will cry out when squad-mates are killed in combat.

The Angels made their debut in Unreal 2 as a special ops. force sent to retrieve the Tosc Artifacts from John Dalton. They are among the toughest opponents John faces throughout the campaign.

Like most Unreal 2 enemies, they come in Light Medium and Heavy classes, and are similar to the Ghost Warriors in weapon loadout. They tend to be faster, more accurate and better coordinated, making them a more serious threat. They are frequently delivered to the battlefield by Liandri dropships, the landing zones for which are sometimes scouted by Liandri drones prior to deployment.


Unreal Tournament

Jerl Liandri is only mentioned in this game.

Unreal 2

Liandri's mining operations, as well as their military unit the Liandri Angels, are involved as an almost invariably hostile force in Unreal 2.


LBX-7683 Robot Uprising

The LBX-7683 Robot Uprising took place on the asteroid LBX-7683 in 2283.

LBX-7683 is located in the Erican Cluster. At the time of the insurgency, it was inhabited by a group of mining robots built by the Liandri Mining Corporation. The Liandri also built a factory that could continuously supply new robots to help mine the asteroid.

In 2283 the robots started a revolt, led by Xan Kriegor. They succeeded in taking over control of the asteroid. As a response, Liandri sent in a squad to fight off the continually growing army of robots and take back LBX-7683 by destroying the main AI generators, removing the robots' method of replicating themselves. Most robots were put into a statis matrix. Xan resisted, but Liandri eventually managed to wipe his memory.

In 2291, Liandri started the Liandri Grand Tournament, and entered the reprogrammed robots as "The Corrupt", lead by Xan, who won the tournament, continuing his reign as champion until he was finally defeated in 2293 by Malcolm.

Unreal Tournament 2004's AS-RobotFactory is a recreation of the LBX-7683 Robot Uprising.

Unreal Championship 2

Nakhti Ascension Rites

Liandri commercialized the Nakhti's traditional emperor-choosing ritual, re-engineering it and covering it in the style of the main Tournament (referred to in UC2 as the Liandri Grand Tournament). Their arrival and politic has various effects on Nakhti society and the characters in the game.


Liandri-Built Arenas

Liandri-Converted Arenas

Liandri-Purchased Arenas