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A typical blue medium marine
If we [ Terran Colonial Authority ] run into something we can't take on alone, we call in the marines.
As they say in the N.E.G. Marines: 'any shot you hear is nothing to be worried about.'

Marines are a strike force, seen in Unreal II and mentioned throughout the Unreal series games. They are affiliated with New Earth Government and are the second instance after Terran Colonial Authority in solving conflicts in the galaxy. The marines are known to have three classes - Light (Known: Privates, Lieutenants and Sergeants), Medium (Known: Sergeants) and Heavy (Known: Lieutenants). They are seen in many colors of armor, but most of them are blue or red. They sometimes have star marks on the armor, but nothing else to show they are marines.

Marines are many times referred to as "NEG military" in Unreal Tournament 2004. The Thunder Crash team replaces them in these matches, as the team is probably a marine division, or at least owned by NEG. The eagle on their armor might be a reference to Unified Military Services, pre-NEG terran strike force, and this symbol is probably taken by the marines, although it was never shown in Unreal II.

The relationship between marines and Space Marines is questionable. Although both are terran strike forces, Space Marines are shown as automatons rather than humans. NEG marines probably took the job from Space Marines once NEG was established.

Levels featuring marines