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This whole article is wrong, I am probbaly going to edit it now, these marines belong to Axon and not NEG. TCA is allied with Axon, therefere this. NEG has nothing to do with Unreal 2 marines......that they are called marines doesn't mean they are same marines, geez.... EDIT: Or maybe not directly belonging to Axon, but at least they provide them with weaponry, I assumed of te storyline they belogned to Axon, well in U2XMP there is at one map Axon base and Izanagi one, so...I guess they really belong to Axon..but there is nowhee said they belong to NEG, they don't I think, because there isn't even said that....I guess these marines are independand ones belonging to Axon and TCA, but during that talk about Axon it seems that Dalton meant his weaponry, as in weaponry of TCA etc, but the marines must be axon then. It's logical. --Leo(T.C.K.) 15:22, 17 January 2009 (EST)

TCA is an offshout of NEG. Axon is only on their side, that is, allied and providing weapons. When they're in trouble, they call in the Marines - and if the Marines would be loyal to a corporation, TCA wouldn't be able to keep peace between corporations, and wouldn't call them in. Here's a quote:
As earth expands in this sector of space, different corporations are establishing colonies on uninhabited planets. They do everything from creating vacation resorts, to mining exotic ores, to terraforming. We in the Terran Colonial Authority patrol between the planets to keep the peace. The corporations try to get away with a lot out here, and they hire mercenary forces to help them get their way. We often find ourselves fighting the mercs to defend civilians who work for their own corporation. If we run into something we can't take on alone, we call in the marines. Axon is on our side. They're a private company who works hand-in-hand with our military to research and develop new weapons.
See - if Marines were Axon's, they would be called Mercenaries. And John Dalton says that Axon provides weapons for their military which possibly means Marines. And Axon is a private company, which might mean that they don't have mercs. As for U2XMP, well, Axon might have just established a yet another research facility on Na Koja, and as Izanagi didn't like that, they started a battle and Axon had to call their allies for help again. --GreatEmerald 13:33, 18 January 2009 (EST)
And aha, another fact that proves that Marines are working for NEG: Sniper_Rifle#Unreal_Tournament_3. It obviously says "NEG Marines". --GreatEmerald 06:43, 14 February 2009 (EST)