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For the UT3 Titan Pack mutator, see Titan (mutator).
Health 1800
Projectile Damage Varies, usually ~303
Melee Damage 80-85
Abilities: Stomping
Main Appearances:

Very aggressive;

poor agility; extremely durable
The colossal Titan looks nothing short of unstoppable, and he’s a little tougher than he looks. The wise will avoid him when possible. If avoidance is not an option, don’t stand in one

spot very long and stay out of his reach.
Unreal manual
A stone titan
Titan's size compared to the player

The Titan is a semi-sentient creature, native of the planet Na Pali. Its height of 10 meters (30 ft) and weight of 15-16 tons make it one of the largest creatures on the planet, which "resembles a dinosaur but isn't particularly intelligent". It has high endurance against conventional weapons.

The regular Titan has red eyes, and its skin is brown-orange and gray-white. A rare member of this species has gray skin, and is called a "Stone Titan." The Stone Titan's only difference is its greater resistance to weapons.

The Titan is mostly found in rocky areas. It is generally aggressive towards other living beings, and will often try to kill whatever comes around him. Due to its mass and poor agility, the Titan will usually try to slap a being from a short range. When its target is further away, the Titan will scrape the floor for boulders to throw. These boulders can instantly kill its target on impact. A third combat move the Titan uses is stomping. The Titan stomps the ground, knocking lighter beings into the air.